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Resources for Schools

Resources for Schools

The Drug Education Forum believes that drug education is an integral part of a planned programme which includes personal, social and health education within schools, the youth service and other services to children and young people as appropriate.

We hope that this page on our website will provide teachers, governors and others in school community with the tools for improving drug education in their school.

Teaching Drug Education

Adrian King sets out some key questions for teachers to ask themselves, their pupils and the school about delivering drug education.

There are also tips on useful techniques and further reading in this helpful guide for teachers.

This paper from the National Children’s Bureau on involving young people in work on alcohol and drugs [June 2004] may also be helpful.

Risk and Protective Factors

The factors that influence the risk that young people will develop problematic drug misuse are well understood. This paper highlights the things that schools can do to enhance the protective factors for pupils.

School Drug Policy Review Process

This document from Blueprint will help schools looking to review their school drug policy. Topics covered include:

  • Why have a drug policy?

  • What should a drug policy do?

  • How to go about writing a drug policy.

  • How to consult on a drug policy.

  • Working on the media.

  • Making sure all the issues have been addressed.

A Review of Drugs; Guidance for Schools

A short paper from the Forum outlining the content of the DfES guidance to schools on drugs.

The Forum also carried out a small number of focus groups with pupils, teachers and governors to get a snapshot of how the guidance was being implemented in schools. This was published in February 2005.