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How Long Does Weed Stay In Your Bloodstream?

That buzz you get after taking weed is instant. But how long does weed stay in your bloodstream? Does it flush out as immediately as its effects show, or does your body need special treatment to clear it out?

Continue reading to find out.

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your Bloodstream?

What is THC?

The two plants, Cannabis indica, and sativa, are the primary Marijuana source. Users obtain the powdery substance by drying different parts like the flower and stem and crushing them.

People often confuse THC for Marijuana. However, THC is one of the thousands of chemical constituents in Marijuana. It is also the primary agent which causes mind-altering effects in users. This compound is also included in Delta-8 which is considered to be safer but still is detectable on a drug test. Additionally, THC is the constituent that remains in your body the longest. Hence, you don’t need to worry about other components like cannabidiol.

The laws and the public’s opinion of Marijuana are changing as they approach it with a more welcoming stance. This increased acceptance is the cause of its expanding appeal.

Per the National Centre for Drug Abuse Statistics, marijuana is viewed as “less risky” than other narcotics, cigarettes, or painkillers. This is primarily because the Drug Enforcement Administration reports no record of marijuana-related overdoses. Currently, more than 50% think that marijuana use is socially acceptable.

Moreover, 57% of Americans, per Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study, would favor a policy barring tobacco products.

The CDC’s research also confirms the popular opinion that marijuana is less harmful and more socially acceptable than cigarette use.

How Long Does Weed Stay in Your Bloodstream?

The National Library of Medicine states THC plasma concentration onset starts eight minutes after smoking weed.

That’s why the primary question is, “How long does THC stay in the blood?”

So, where can you expect to find it? Typically, THC traces are present in the user’s hair, saliva, and urine. So, a simple test could identify if you have recently consumed THC-containing drugs, i.e., marijuana.

The majority of drug tests look for THC metabolites. Their half-life is 24 hours. It’s important to know this if you want to know how to pass a drug test with weed in your system. Half of the medication has time to metabolize and exit the circulation during this period. The half-life of other THC metabolites in body fat can be up to 14 days. This is the answer to the question “how long does weed stay in your bloodstream?.

Marijuana, therefore, remains in your body for one to 90 days, based on how you use it, your health, your way of life, and the test used. For instance, urine tests can identify THC many weeks after consumption. So, how long will one smoke session stay in your system?

For urine tests, the general detection times relative to usage are:

  • One-time consumption is detectable up to three days later
  • Three to fours time consumption is detectable up to a week later
  • Daily consumption is detectable up to 15 days later
  • Consuming multiple times a day is detectable up to one month later
Usage Detectable Up to
One time Three days/72 hours
Three to Four times Seven days/168 hours
Daily 15 days/360 hours
Multiple times a day 30 days/720

What Factors Affect How Long Does Weed Stay In Your Blood?

The time that marijuana remains in your system depends on many elements. Body mass index and metabolism rate are two factors. However, they have less to do with the agent and more with how your system breaks it down.

Other elements have to do with marijuana and the way you use it. This covers the dosage, frequency, mode of administration and strength of the cannabis you consume. These factors highly impact consequences like weed withdrawal,  addiction level, and the extent of weed’s stay in the body.

This is to give a general answer to the question, “How long does it take to get THC dabs out of your system?”

THC may linger in your system longer in marijuana, with a higher THC concentration. Additionally, oral marijuana may stay in your system longer than inhaled.

Furthermore, the time it takes for the pot to leave your system tends to get longer with higher dosages and more frequent use.

If you’re wondering, “If I smoke once, will it show up on a blood drug test?” It may show up if the test is conducted soon after. Don’t try to use home remedies to flush out marijuana. Instead, prioritize a reputable detoxifying agent like Toxic Rid pills or drinks.

When And Why Do Employers Drug Test?

Considering the legal and social acceptance of marijuana, companies show concern regarding employees’ and clients’ safety. This is mainly for jobs requiring physical labor and heavy machinery.

Occupational Health & Safety reports that drug misuse contributes to almost 50% of workers’ compensation claims and 65% of workplace accidents.

Hospitals and educational institutes are other fields where drug testing of staff is frequently required. Candidates and workers from the federal and local governments could also need to consent to testing.

A drug test may be administered as part of the hiring process for a job, ie. Pre-employment drug testing.

Depending on state legislation, employers may also have permission to test workers for illegal substance usage while on the job.

Another type of drug testing is done after a workplace mishap occurs.  To guarantee the accuracy of the findings, employers often schedule a post-accident drug screening within one day of the accident.

In addition to this, the employer can conduct random drug tests. Employers might plan routine drug tests if they believe an employee is taking drugs.

These tests can occur monthly, twice a month, or annually.

So, an employee should ensure their employer’s testing schedule before using marijuana. They should also know the answer: “How long does marijuana stay in your blood system?”

This way, they can avoid getting caught and risking their job.

How Long Does Weed Stay in Your Blood Urine, Saliva, and Hair?

Using this table, you can answer the question, “How long does weed stay in your blood stream, urine, saliva, and hair?”.

Body Tissue/ Fluid Time
Blood 24-48 hours
Saliva 24-72 hours
Urine 3-30 days
Hair Follicle 3 months

Will A Regular Blood Test Show THC?

You already know how long does weed stay in your bloodstream. So, can weed be detected in a regular blood test?

In general, tests for cannabis seek for THC metabolites in your body. Unless your symptoms correspond to a specific substance, a regular blood test by your physician is unlikely to detect drug usage.

Additionally, a blood test can’t examine every component in the blood.

Doctors pay attention to your signs and symptoms and consider potential reasons. Then they will employ particular tests accordingly.

Furthermore, each blood test is costly and necessitates an individual specimen. Therefore, testing for every possible result would be pointless if just a handful could account for your symptoms.

So, do regular blood tests show drugs?

No, you must use specific tests to detect a particular agent. Routine tests like CBC, BMP, and CMP check normal physiological functions rather than drugs.

How to Pass A Blood Drug Test

The best way to pass any drug test is to avoid substance abuse. However, detox is the most effective way to pass if you are in a sticky situation.

These agents help flush out THC metabolite, enhance their metabolism, and increase diuresis.

Best Methods to Get Weed Out of Your System for A Blood/Urine Drug Test

Now, you have the answer to the question, “How long does weed stay in your blood stream?” Most employees’ next concern is hiding their substance abuse in the workplace.

Below are a few useful tools and techniques to prevent THC detection.

Detox Drinks

Detox drinks are the swiftest way to clear a drug screening. These function by accelerating the body’s organic detoxification mechanism. A detox beverage may enhance the window where you will test negative.

Regardless of whether you just smoked pot hours earlier, your screening will not show any evidence.

Our top picks include:

  • Detoxify Mega Clean
  • QCarbo32
  • High Voltage Detox drink

Detoxify Mega Clean

Detoxify Gega Clean is a detoxification drink made of natural minerals and herbs.

This detox drink can flush out your urinary system within hours. It means you can produce clear urine for your drug test swiftly.

Detoxify Mega Clean Detox Drink

It’s primarily available in tropical flavors.

  • Burdock Root extract enhances diuresis and digestion
  • Guarana seed extract is a caffeine source that enhances focus and metabolism
  • American Ginseng root extract reduces stress
  • Milk Thistle seed extract enhances bone and skin health
  • Stinging Nettle leaf extract reduces joint discomfort and enhances prostate health
  • Uva Ursi leaf extract reduces bloating
  1. Open the container and drink all the contents
  2. Fill the empty container with water, shake, and drink it all
  3. Enhance the effects with 16 oz. Drink water every 120 minutes
Manufacturer, Support, and Certificates
  • Manufacturer: Detoxify, LLC
  • Launch Year: 1999
  • Phone Number: 1.800.DETOX-4U
  • Address: 3302 N 27TH Ave Ste 3306D Phoenix, AZ, 85017 -5012 United States
  • Mail:  [email protected]
  • Contact Hours: Monday to Friday, 10 am-4 pm Arizona Time
  • Contact Form:

Detoxify, LLC does not guarantee that users will pass the drug test. It is a dietary supplement that users must legally check before consuming.


The products sell at $39.99 on the official Detoxify website and $49.99 at Walmart.

  • Immediate action(within four hours)
  • Natural blend
  • Creatinine monohydrate gives a natural appearance
  • Causes nausea and diarrhea
  • Expensive


Despite being advertised as a detox beverage, Qcarbo32 does not detoxify your body. Instead, it temporarily eliminates the drug’s metabolites to assist you in passing the test.

QCarbo 32

However, you must note that the metabolites eventually leak back into your bladder. It also has other substances to maintain the urine balance making everything seem normal in lab tests.

The drink comes in multiple flavors, including Tropical and Grape.

  • Vitamins B2, B1, and B12 for a natural urine color
  • Cayenne Pepper, Uva Ursi Leaf, Guarana Seed, and Dandelion Root for diuresis
  • Corn silk
  • Milk Thistle seed extract enhances bone and skin health
  • Pectin for bile production
  • Ligustrum Berry Extract for sweat and removal of THC
  1. Open the container and drink all the contents
  2. Fill the empty container with water, shake, and drink it all
  3. Keep yourself hydrated for optimum results
Manufacturer, Support, and Certificates
  • Manufacturer: Herbal Clean
  • Launch Year: 1990
  • Phone Number: 800-943-3869
  • Postal Address: PO Box 1450, Tempe, Arizona, 85280, United States
  • Product Return Address: 10000, PO Box 472, Scottsdale, AZ 85252.
  • Mail: [email protected]
  • Contact Website:

The enterprise offers a single-time refund and is a verified trademark.


The product sells at $22.75 on Amazon and $52.49 on the official website.

  • Offers multiple flavors
  • It does not cost much
  • Natural vitamins and fiber provide additional health benefits
  • Vitamins in the product produce actual urine color, preventing the detection
  • Enhances immunity
  • It isn’t appropriate in the long run
  • Can cause diarrhea
  • Herbs can lead to hypersensitivity
  • Not enough research by manufacturers

High Voltage Detox drink

High Voltage Detox is another formally detoxifying drink predominantly used to pass drug tests.

High-Voltage Detox Drink

Its primary mechanism of action is dilution. Additionally, it can cooperate with the body to prevent it from releasing any additional THC that could be held in your fatty tissues.

This gives you seven hours to obtain a pure urine sample and succeed in a urine test.

It comes in three flavors:

  • Acai
  • Pomegranate
  • Lemon-lime
  • Creatine
  • Vitamins B1 and B12 are used to color urine yellow
  • Milk Thistle for bone health
  • Sugars and caffeine can hasten metabolism and elimination
  • Burdock Root extract enhances diuresis and digestion
  1. Consume eight ounces of water hourly for eight hours the day before the exam.
  2. Before your test, pee three or four times.
  3. Eat smaller meals more frequently. Eating large meals more frequently might allow THC to diffuse into the circulatory system and result in a positive test.
  4. On the test day, urinate for a little while, then urinate a couple of ounces into the sample cup and flush the remaining urine.

Manufacturer, Support, and Certificates

Manufacturer: High Voltage Detox

Address: P.O. Box 35860 Las Vegas, Nevada 89133

Phone number:877-961-3688



The product sells at $14.99 on Amazon and $18.99 on the official website.

  • Great if you have a two to five-hour window
  • Offers multiple flavors
  • It does not cost much
  • Vitamins in the product produce urine color
  • Enhances immunity
  • Can cause diarrhea
  • There is a risk of dilution if you don’t use the product at the right time.

Detox Pills

Another popular detoxification tool comes in the form of pills. They work by reducing THC concentrations in your bodily fluids and are great for urine tests. However, they aren’t reliable in hair follicle testing.

Toxin Rid

The Toxin Rid pill consists of vitamins, minerals, and botanical ingredients. These tablets urge the body to flush out certain poisons, cleaning the body as a result.

Toxin Rid Pills

Detox tablets, which might be vitamins or laxatives, frequently contain beneficial gut flora to facilitate intestinal digestion.


For the detox pills:

  • Potassium (electrolytes for diuresis)
  • Iron (enhances metabolism)
  • Boron (electrolytes for diuresis)
  • Magnesium (electrolytes for diuresis)
  • Kelp
  • Alfalfa leaf extract (diuretic)
  • Calcium (electrolytes for diuresis)

Liquid detox consists of:

  • Potassium (electrolytes for diuresis)
  • Boron (electrolytes for diuresis)
  • Magnesium (electrolytes for diuresis)
  • Chloride  (electrolytes for diuresis)
  • Sulfate
  • Lithium

For the dietary fiber:

  • Psyllium husk powder
  • Dietary fiber (enhances liver enzyme activity)

These are the detailed instructions for the ten-day detox. For fewer days, the steps are similar, with a shorter duration.

  1. Take three tablets per hour for five hours on day one of your regimen
  2. Never take more than 15 pills each day
  3. Eat fiber-rich foods and drink water
  4. Repeat for ten days
  5. On day ten, wait about two hours after taking your last three tablets
  6. Take half the detox liquid, then drink 45 grams of water
  7. For a few hours, refrain from eating or drinking anything else. After two hours, drink the other half of the cleanse
  8. Wait a few more hours before eating or drinking
  9. Mix the dietary fiber with around 23 ml of treated water on the test day, roughly an hour before the test’s start time.
  10. Drink this and 45 ml of water after waiting 15 minutes.

Manufacturer, Support, and Certificates

  • Manufacturer: TestClear
  • Launch Year: 2000s
  • Phone Number: 1-877-TOXIN-74
  • Postal Address:  PO 2011, Redmond, Washington, United States
  • Product Return Address: 10000, PO Box 472, Scottsdale, AZ 85252.
  • Contact Website:

Toxin Rid is GMP-approved. Cannavale Analytica checked the product’s purity to ensure it was made from natural components as advertised. The results were in its favor.


This product sells between $69-$169 on Amazon and $54.95- $189.95 on the official website.


  • Natural ingredients
  • Money back guarantee


  • Expensive

Home Detox Remedies

Stop wondering, “How long does weed stay in your blood stream?”  and try these home remedies instead.

Cranberry Juice

Plan the drug test for 24 hours following the cleansing day, then buy two liters of cranberry juice.

Try to divide the beverage into two glasses.

Drink it regularly during the day preceding the drug test to help your body eliminate THC metabolites.

Lemon Water + Vitamin B Supplements

Pour eight to 16 ounces of water with half a lemon. Regular use of this beverage will aid in the body’s detoxification.

Limes are rich in antioxidants. They include vitamin C and may be able to remove microscopic levels of THC from the body.

Therefore, combine one tablespoon of lemon juice with 0.5 liters of water, and drink it slowly over many hours. Consume the mixture at least eight times in the days before the exam.

Adding vitamin B supplements such as niacin will enhance drug removal.

Baking soda

The baking soda remedy concerns pH, which alters drug test results.

Mix two spoons of baking soda in f 200 ml water and keep yourself hydrated.

Soon, your body fluids will be alkaline, and diuresis will follow.


How long does one smoke session stay in your system?

It can stay in your system for up to 72 hours.

Are detox pills effective?

Yes, detox pills are the topmost practical tools to pass a drug test.

Are homemade remedies helpful?

Homemade remedies don’t guarantee to pass a drug test. They are much less effective than detox kits.

How far back does a blood drug test go?

THC doesn’t stay in the blood for too long.

Blood tests can detect it a maximum of 24 hours later. If you are a heavy user, it could be a few days.

How long does weed last in blood?

Weed can last for almost 24 hours in the blood if you’re a one-time user. It could take a few days to flush out if you are a heavy user.


Now you can answer, ” How long does weed stay in your blood stream?” So, act promptly before a drug test and use the right tools.

However, avoiding substance abuse and staying clean on the clock is best!