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Becoming a Member

Becoming a Member

Any organisation that is interested in joining the Drug Education Forum should to write to:


The Chair,

Drug Education Forum

c/o Mentor UK, 4th Floor

74 Great Eastern Street




 There are pre-requisites for Forum membership, an interested organisation must be:


  • a national organisation (i.e. provide services throughout England);

  • provide drug education to children or young people; or offer a service to those who do.


Following confirmation from the Chair that the organisation meets the above criteria, the organisation will be sent a membership application package.


All member organisations must agree to and support the Forum?s values and aims and provide written evidence of their governing body?s endorsement of the Forum?s values.


The application will be considered initially by the Forum?s Advisory Group at its next meeting and a recommendation made to the full Forum membership, who must approve the admission at the next Forum meeting.

Member organisations pay an annual subscription to the Forum, the amount of which is determined by the Forum at its annual meeting. The current fee is ?50.00.