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Drugs Guidance to Schools – Consultation

Drugs Guidance to Schools – Consultation


The government have launched a consultation on new guidance to schools on drugs issues.

As well as giving advice on how to handle drugs education in the classroom, the guidance stresses the importance of schools having clear policies in place to deal with incidents with illegal drugs and alcohol on school premises. Heads are also encouraged to forge stronger links with other local services to help them better identify and support over a million children and young people who live with one or both parents who have a drug or alcohol problem.

The guidance will also encourage teachers and families to work more closely together, so that clear and consistent messages are given out both at home and at school.

Stephen Burgess, Chairman of the Drug Education Forum, said:

Children want much better drug education and we must respond.

Schools have a hugely important part to play in making sure that the information that children and young people receive about all drugs is accurate and credible. We are sure that this guidance will be welcomed by all those that work to help children and young people avoid the harms that drugs can do.

The Drug Education Forum welcomes the renewed focus on alcohol in this guidance. We know that while fewer young people are drinking those that do are doing so more heavily than before. Schools should be confident that children and young people see teachers as one of the most important sources of information about alcohol.

Our understanding of what works in protecting children and young people continues to develop and so it is timely that there is new guidance which incorporates the latest lessons in preventing drug misuse.

The public consultation on the guidance Drugs: Guidance for Schools can be found here. The consultation closes on 15 February 2009.

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