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Random Drug Testing – Report

The Drug Education Forum offers our reports and articles to you. Looking for the best articles to read? Browse this list of interesting articles and essays on topics like health, drug testing, types of drug tests and more. This one deals with random drug testing.

Here you can read the report about random drug testing at school, which was conducted at The Abbey School, Faversham.

School Drug Test

The first random drug tests at the school took part in September 2004 with parental agreement and began in January 2005. Of course, only with parental consent could the tests be carried out on the children. Students who declined to participate in testing or who had positive results would go through a counseling program. Twenty pupils at the school underwent weekly testing for the presence of marijuana, cocaine, and heroin using a mouth swab.

To check for cannabis, speed, ecstasy, heroin, and cocaine use, the swabs were sent to a lab. The school reported that only one test, out of 270, was positive. Surely, no child was tested without parental permission, and 85% of parents gave their approval.

Peter Walker, the school’s former head teacher, lauded the program as a success and said it helped push GCSE pass rates to an all-time high. So, random drug testing was a useful method.

Department for Education and Skills continued a research based on a pilot study conducted across Kent. They did this in order to determine whether there was a direct correlation between random testing and behavior, attendance, and academic achievement. However, we don’t know, what happened after this.

The Bottom Line

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The latest research deals with false positives on a drug tests. Dozens of medication can cause it, so beware of false positive result and be ready to dispute it.

Abbey School, where the pupils were drug tested