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Key Documents

Key Documents

This is a list of (and links to) key documents for drug education for England.

Advisory Group on Drug and Alcohol Education

Drug Education; an entitlement for all – the report of the Advisory Group on Drug and Alcohol Education


Government Response to the Advisory Group on Drug and Alcohol Eduction


Effective Drug Education Survey – Drug Education Forum


Drugs and Alcohol Education Report – Parentline Plus


Drugs: Guidance for Schools – The DfES guidance to schools about drug education and drug issues in school


Joining Forces – Guidance for the police about working with schools on drug education and drug issues. This document also applies to the police service in Wales and Northern Ireland.


Drugs; Guidance for the Youth Service – a document produced by DrugScope and Alcohol Concern for those working in informal education settings.


Drugs: Guidance for Further Education Institutions – a DrugScope document.


Safe, Sensible, Social: Alcohol strategy local implementation toolkit – the government’s suggestions on how to develop a local strategy.


The National Drug Strategy – a guide for local partnerships – London Drug Policy Forum’s guide to the national drug strategy.


Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use among Young People in England in 2006 – an annual government survey of pupils between 11 and 15 year olds.


Statistics on Young People and Drug Misuse: England, 2006


Trends in Death Associated With Abuse of Volatile Substances 1971 – 2005 – this is an annual report and includes data on deaths amongst young people.


Underage drinking: findings from the 2004 Offending, Crime and Justice Survey – Findings paper from the Home Office.


Drug Education in Schools – 2005 report evaluating the quality of drug education programmes observed in schools.


Healthy Schools Healthy Children? – an evaluation of the contribution of education to pupils’ health and well-being.


Time for change? Personal, social and health education – an evaluation of the provision of PSHE.

Government Strategy:

The Children’s Plan – the overarching plan for children and young people’s services.


Drugs: protecting families and communities – the drug strategy 2008 – 2018.


Safe. Sensible. Social – the alcohol strategy.


Aiming high for young people – 10 year strategy for positive activities for young people.


Youth Alcohol Action Plan – the actions that the government want to take in relation to young people’s use of alcohol.


Units of work – useful materials for teachers.


PSHE curriculum – Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4


Pathways to Problems: Hazardous use of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs by young people in the UK and its implications for policy – the 2006 report by the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs.


Drugs – facing facts – The report of the RSA Commission on Illegal Drugs, Communities and Public Policy.