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VSA Deaths 2007

VSA Deaths 2007


The Drug Education Forum today reminded parents and drug educators that it remains important to keep in mind the very real dangers that children and young people face if they sniff glue, gas, aerosols or solvents.

Speaking as the annual report on volatile substance abuse deaths was published, Stephen Burgess, Vice Chair of the Drug Education Forum said:

We are delighted to see that for the first time since the early 1970s there appear to have been no deaths as a result of volatile substance abuse amongst under 14 year olds in this country, and that the downward trend in deaths amongst all young people has been sustained.

Nevertheless, government figures show that young people?s first drug use is more likely to be volatile substances than any other type of drug other than tobacco or alcohol.

Parents, schools and others involved in drug education will want to make sure that children and young people understand just how dangerous volatile substances can be if we are to continue to ensure this good news is sustained.

We also need government to invest in research to help us understand what has caused the downward trend in deaths.

The Drug Education Forum is a member of the government’s VSA stakeholder group.

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